Whale Watching Safari

Sydney’s most exciting and most personal whale watching experience.

Whale Sightings Guaranteed.

If whales are not sighted on your tour, come out again for free!*

Whale watching season runs from mid May until late November.

Forget boring old whale watching ‘cruises’, Ocean Extreme offers the most exciting and most personal whale watching experience in Sydney. Departing Circular Quay, you will first be taken across the harbour to pick up more passengers from Manly Wharf. There, your captain will run you through the behaviour of the whales and what to look out for when trying to spot them. You will then blast out of the harbour and offshore into the Tasman Sea on your search for these magnificent creatures. Once located you will have plenty of photo opportunities as you travel alongside the migrating pod.

Operating the fastest commercial vessel in Sydney, Ocean Extreme are able to get you to the whales quicker than ever before. The completely open design of our vessel, along with its low position in the water, offers the only unparalleled, unobstructed and up close view experience.

We are so confident of finding whales on every tour that we GUARANTEE it. If whales are not spotted on your adventure then come out again for FREE.*

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*If whales are not spotted on a whale watching tour, each passenger will be issued with a ‘Standby Ticket’ for another Whale Watching tour during the same whale watching season. ‘Standby tickets’ are eligible for redemption no greater than 24 hours prior to the requested departure. Subject to availability. Standby tickets are not transferable to other people.

Where to go whale watching?

Some good land based whale watching locations include: North head, Long Reef, Vaucluse, Cape Solander. At different times of the year the whales track different distances off the coast. We head any from 1km to 20km offshore.

When is the whale, dolphin, seal watching season?

Whale watching season runs from mid May until late November
Dolphins are spotted on and off throughout the year.
Seals are around almost all year.

How long does whale watching take?

As we use the fastest vessel in Sydney we can get to and from the whales quicker than all the other boats. Therefore our tours don’t need to go as long. The tour time is 2 hours if boarding at Circular Quay or 1.5 hours if departing Manly Wharf.

What to wear for whale watching?

We generally do not get wet unless it is a particularly windy day. We supply spray jackets. In the winter months it is very cold out at sea. It is important to dress very warmly. Lots of layers under our jacket. Beanies and gloves are recommended on the colder days.

What to bring whale watching?

Sunglasses are very important when out on the water. Sunscreen. Camera. (Or let us take the photos)

Is whale watching bad for whales?

Whale watching can be bad for whales if the skipper of the boat isn’t responsible or doesn’t know the correct rules for driving around whales. We have been operating whale watching tours for over 14 years and always show upmost care. We are required to keep our distance from the whales (100m) and it is up to the whales if the decide to approach our boat. Humpbacks are naturally very curious and they do often approach us however we cannot force this interaction.

What kind of whales can be seen around Sydney?

It is predominantly humpbacks that we see off Sydney. Very occasionally we will spot Minke Whales, Southern Right Whales, pilot whales, killer whales and one Blue whale was spotted in 2015.

How much does whale watching cost?

Whale watching with Ocean Extreme costs $95 per person.