The Ocean Extreme vessel cruises along the Sydney waters

Changes to the duration of our experiences.

As of 28th of August 2014 the duration of Ocean Extreme’s experiences have changed.

This is good news. Here’s why;

Up until January 2014 our experiences departed from Cockle Bay at Darling Harbour. The first 15 minutes of each experience was spent idling through the ‘slow zone’ enforced in Sydney Harbour all the way to Circular Quay. From Circular Quay the speed was increased and the actual fast boat ride part of the tour was commenced. Upon returning to the ‘slow zone’ at Circular Quay the vessel would then need to slow back down to the required 10kmph for another 15 minutes for the journey back to Darling Harbour.

In January 2014 Ocean Extreme’s departure point was moved to Circular Quay while the significant renovations of the wharves at Darling Harbour were completed. We always intended to move back to Darling Harbour after the construction which was why we did not alter our ride durations during the “temporary” move to Circular Quay.

We have since learned that we will not be moving back to Darling Harbour and will now be permanently be based at Circular Quay. This is excellent news as we now no longer have 15 minutes of idling at the start and finish of each experience. All experiences will now be operated at speed for their entire duration! However, this means that the official duration of each experience has had to be reduced by 30 minutes.

I would like to personally assure every customer that you will still receive the same fast boat thrill ride experience that you always have, we have merely cut out 30 minutes travelling at, or below, 10kmph.

The Bondi Bash will still go all the way down the coast line to Bondi Beach and back at full speed.

The Extreme Offshore Blast (formally the ‘Rush Hour’) will still leave the constraints of the harbour and head offshore to experience the infamous ‘gap’ and the massive cliffs of North Head.

Please see the map below showing the slow portion of journey that has been removed allowing us to operate at the speeds we prefer for the entirety of our thrill rides.

See you soon.

Owner – Ocean Extreme.